2011 Kurrajong to the Kimberley

We start off heading North to Queensland with the intention of getting up to the Mitchell Falls and seeing the Bradshaw Rock Art.  

We had a great time away but failed to get as far as Ellenbrae Station. The recently graded road had turned up lots of flint sharp rocks which comprehensively destroyed two tyres in the space of a kilometer. There was no option but to turn back and it was a few years later that we flew into Broome and rented a Pajero to travel up from the other direction and see the Bradshaws.

We did however meet with the Bushtucker Man at Home Valley Station and you can see his unmistakable hat while fishing the Pentecost River. The crossing had recently been named Kidman’s Crossing by the locals following Nicole’s visit to film  ‘Australia.

We spent some quality time at Parrys Creek Lagoon and the fabulous wetlands with their own hide and we discovered the Lost City a short chopper ride from the Heartbreak Hotel on the Carpentria Highway at Cape Crawford.

Lawn Hill was another treasure and a veritable oasis in otherwise inhospitable country. 

We eventually headed south staying at the Devil’s Marbles and then at the lovely Rainbow Valley before hitting South Australia and then Lake Mungo.

All in all quite an adventure.