Opposite Lock Magazine

During the early to mid 1970’s I did a couple of stints as Editor of the MGCC magazine ‘Opposite Lock’.

We were fairly advanced for the time and we used to set the mazine by asticking down the articles on boards which then went to the printer.

The fact that I used to work for IBM and had access to a golf ball typewriter helped. On some occasions we also borrowed a Composer cold type setter also based on golf ball tech.  

They used to call me Biggles because of the leather flying helmet I used in the open top MG TD and as you can see from these extracts we quickly assembled an editorial team to bring the whole thing together.

I’m not sure we were really aware of copyright laws in those days and we used to freely borrow cartoons. 

Here are a couple with the one on electric cars a long way ahead of its time!

I found this mention by then Competition Secretary John Young of the TVR setting a respectable time up Silverdale Hillclimb.

And lastly here is the rather smart car we printed with all the events and the committee members names and contact numbers