Australian Birds

Many countries all around the world are rapidly losing their bird life.  

The reasons are not always clear. In some instances it may be climate change having a drastic impact on habitats. In others excessive use of poisons and herbicides may be the cause.

In Australa we generally seem to have relatively healthy bird populations. There are always birds in our garden and mostly native, but with some migratory.

Here are some of our favourite bird photos … 

Jabiru on the Ord

It may not look like it but this is a single bird that flew past our boat while on a cruise of the Ord River. 

The photo shows the full range of architecture in neck, body, wings and feet.

Waterbirds on the Diamantina

We’d considered going to Lake Eyre to see all the waterbirds, but Dick Smith called into Macca’s ABC radio show the weekendbefore we left and said he was in his helicopter and camped on the Diamantina and that’s where all the birds were. So we took a chopper out from Birdsville and look what we found ..

Rare Dancing Brolgas

We found these on the road to Broulia which is famous for its MinMin lights. Beautiful dancers!

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