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Berrima hosted a WW1 Internment Camp for German POWs. The river walk contains plaques telling their story.
Every time you visit the Botanical Gardens at Mt Tomah there is a new display of […]
The Botanical Gardens at Mt Tomah have been a sanity saver through the last year and a great place to escape to. There aren't a lot of people mid-week and you can safely wander through the grounds far away from the ravages of Covid!
Not sure if it is really called Banks Gully but we walked along the ridge above […]
MAGNIFICENT MT TOMAH! Spring has truly arrived at the Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens. We give the macro lens another outing and look what we capture.
We took 5DMk4 and the macro lens out along the fire trails off Bowen Mountain and […]
The Southern Fire Trail runs out from Lt Bosen Drive and comes out above the Grose […]
The Horse Paddock Trail runs to the West of the Southern Riodge trail and we saw […]
The Southern Ridge Trail runs from the end of  Lietenant Bowen Drive south into the Grose […]